Access to information and media support

Access to information and media support

Strategic Objective:

Protecting fundamental rights and strengthening the civic space in which they are expressed.

Strategic Approach:

The following principles of an open and civil society are priorities in the activities of the Assistance Fund:

The program will help harmonize policies on free access to public information and promote practical initiatives to provide proactive access to information.

Another major component of the program is to support educational activities to improve information and digital literacy among civil society representatives, human rights organizations and the media.

Also, the program plans to contribute to the sustainable transformation of media into new digital formats of interaction with the audience.

The Access to Information Program has identified the following priorities to achieve its goal:

Priority 1: Freedom of Information
  • Supporting the practice of applying legislative norms in providing access to state information to citizens and the media, which further affects the development of proactive mechanisms for providing access to information.
  • Promotion of changes in the policy on access to information, through the development of amendments and additions to the laws of the Republic of Tajikistan for the specification of the list of public information and open data.
  • Institutionalizing open source licenses to protect copyright and intellectual property rights on the Internet;
Priority 2: Digital Right
  • Creation of a Digital Law School to raise digital literacy among civil society, media and human rights organizations to form a digital rights advocacy group.
  • Monitoring and analysis of access restrictions and other cases of violation of digital rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet, in order to develop a legal framework to ensure the protection of personal data and policies that do not contradict the norms of information law in the Republic of Tajikistan.
Priority 3: Open Educational Resources
  • Promotion of initiatives to develop the practice of using open educational resources in the learning process.
  • Development of teaching aids for the development of OER in the national language.
Priority 4: New Media
  • Promoting sustainable media transformation into new digital formats of interaction with the audience;
  • Translation and adaptation of educational materials in the national language for digital media;
  • Institutionalization of advanced training courses for digital media journalists in educational institutions of Tajikistan.