Regulation on grants

1 Terms and definitions:

Grant – gratuitous assistance (assistance) provided by the Fund to legal entities (hereinafter “legal entity”) and individuals operating on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan in order to support the development of the socio-economic, social and cultural areas of the country’s life. The grant can be provided both in cash and in material and technical form.

Application – a written request from legal entities and individuals to the Fund for a grant.

Applicant – a legal entity or individual who has applied to the Foundation for a grant.

2 Procedure for granting grants:

The program will help harmonize policies on free access to public information and promote practical initiatives to provide proactive access to information.

Another major component of the program is to support educational activities to improve information and digital literacy of representatives of civil society, human rights organizations and the media.

Also, the program plans to contribute to the sustainable transformation of media into new digital formats of interaction with the audience.

The Access to Information Program has identified the following priorities to achieve its goal:

2.1 Principles of Granting:

The Foundation provides grants based on the principles of transparency, objectivity and fairness.

The grant is allocated within the framework of programs implemented by the Foundation, which have a certain thematic focus, the procedure and conditions for accepting applications, as well as criteria for their consideration.

Grant funds should not be used:

  • to support the activities of political parties, trade union and / or religious organizations;
  • lobbying, that is, the desire to influence the outcome of certain election or administrative campaigns;
  • to participate in political advocacy on someone else’s side or to provide support to political parties, movements, groups or campaigns and individuals;
  • to support commercial enterprises with the aim of generating profit from the grant funds;
  • for other purposes and actions prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan;
  • use grant funds for activities prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan and US legislation as terrorist activities, terrorist financing activities and money laundering;
  • to involve persons on the SDN List ( in their activities. to involve persons on the SDN List ( in their activities.

When making a decision on granting a Grant and in the course of work on it, the situation of a conflict of interest is taken into account
Information on allocated grants is published in the annual report of the Foundation.

2.2 Application for a Grant :

Submission of applications for the competition and out of competition is carried out through the online platform of the Fund. The application can be accepted on condition that the Applicant submits a complete list of required documents.

All grant applications are registered on the online grant application platform and are reviewed by the authorized bodies of the Foundation.

The Applicant shall be notified of the decisions made on the application within 10 working days after the decision is made. The applicant is sent a letter of notification of the results of the consideration of the application by using the appropriate functionality of the on-line platform for submitting grant applications.

2.3 Grant Competitions

The announcement of the competition is disseminated through the media, posted on the Foundation’s website and on the platform for submitting grant applications in Tajik and Russian.

The announcement contains all the information necessary for drawing up and submitting an application (subject of the competition, timing, participants, budget, conditions, criteria, contact persons and contacts for additional information).

2.4 Out-of-Competition Bids

Submission of out-of-competition applications, as well as applications on a competitive basis, is carried out only through the online platform designed for these purposes.

2.5 Evaluation and approval of grant applications

Grant applications are assessed in accordance with the previously approved criteria of the grant program, determining the compliance of the project goals with the Fund’s mission, and the absence of regulatory violations in relation to the statutory goals of the Fund.

2.6 Evaluation of the applicant’s organization

Evaluation of the activities of the applicant’s organization is carried out in order to confirm the applicant’s ability to achieve the charitable goal of the grant and to maintain appropriate reporting on the targeted and rational use of charitable funds. The assessment includes the managerial capacity and financial responsibility of the applicant.

2.7 Grant Agreement

The grant agreement is drawn up on the basis of the decision of the Foundation within 5 working days.

All additional grant requirements funding, disbursements and reporting are reflected in the annexes to the grant agreement.

The grant must be used by the grantee strictly for the purpose specified in the grant agreement. The grantee cannot transfer the rights and obligations under the grant to third parties.

The foundation and founders are not responsible for:

  • for any obligations of the grantee;
  • on claims against the grantee by third parties;
  • for the nature of the relationship of the grantee with government agencies and other legal entities or individuals;
  • for damage caused intentionally or unintentionally by the grantee as a result of the use of the grant by third parties.

2.8 Payment by grants

Payment for grants is made in the national currency – somoni, in accordance with the approved payment schedule, which is part of the grant agreement.

Payment of tranches under the grant is made after the Grant Recipient submits written applications for each tranche.

Payment for the subsequent tranche is made only after the provision of financial statements in the amount of at least 80% of the previous tranche.

Funds under the item “Equipment and related expenses” can be transferred to the grantee in full as part of the payment of the first stage of financing, subject to the provision of documentation confirming the performed market analysis for the availability of equipment intended for purchase and the conditions for its purchase, as well as justification of the choice.

2.9 Modifying grants

The online platform for reporting approved applications provides functionality to allow the grantee to request a budget modification in the required format, based on the status of the most recent financial statements submitted to the Foundation.

The grantee can independently decide to change the size of the constituent articles (except for the increase in the article “Remunerations and fees”) up to 1000 TJS per one budget line, if during the implementation of the project in accordance with the grant agreement such a need arose. If it is necessary to redistribute funds over the limit of 1000 Somoni, or to include in the report expenses that were not previously approved when the grant was allocated, the grantee must submit a letter of request with justification of budgetary changes, the types of costs to be changed, and also indicate the reasons for these changes in the format defined By the Foundation.

The grantee must be informed in writing by the Foundation about the decision made in relation to his request to modify the grant agreement within 5 working days. The parties sign the appropriate addendum to the grant agreement.

2.10 Grant Reporting

The grantee provides the Fund with detailed financial and substantive reports on grant expenditures in accordance with the schedule and requirements specified in the grant agreement, both in documentary form and using the online platform. Upon completion of the grant project, the grantee is required to submit the final financial and substantive reports.

The grantee, at the request of the Fund, additionally provides interim report (s) on the required indicators within the framework of the grant.

2.11 Grant Monitoring

The Foundation, at its discretion, monitors the implementation of the project under the grant agreement, that is, it checks the availability and intended use of all grant funds, financial documentation relating to the grant, all activities stipulated by the grant agreement.

At the request of the Foundation, the grantee is obliged to provide all information related to the use of the grant, including the project information materials being developed for publication. The materials to be published include booklets, banners, posters, flyers, catalogs, brochures, publications of works, scientific papers, as well as videos, as materials intended for display on video monitors placed on the streets of the city or in other public places, in some cases , on television, as well as works of authorship, and their translations, video production for public use.

2.12 Publications

The Foundation in the publications should be indicated as the organization that financed the published materials, as follows: “This publication was carried out within the framework of the Project (name of the Project) with the financial support of the Office of the International Organization of the Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation in Tajikistan.” Also, the following indication should be included: “The point of view of the author / s and the content of these materials may not coincide with the point of view or opinion of the Office of the International Organization of the Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation in Tajikistan.”

Copyright issues arising in the course of the Project implementation are considered in accordance with the copyright laws of the Republic of Tajikistan.

2.13 Grant revocation

The reason for the withdrawal of the grant is the failure of the grant recipient to fulfill its obligations under the agreement, or the appearance of inaccurate information both in the application for a grant and in the grant report, or a change in the legal status of the grantee in case such a change affects the implementation of the project, or the presence of a “Work for oneself” situation.

In this case, the Foundation makes a decision to temporarily suspend the grant, immediately notifies the grantee of its decision, and a decision is made whether to withdraw the grant in full, with the return of all grant funds, or partially – with the return of fixed and (or) underutilized funds and (or) termination payments.

The Foundation informs about the decision to withdraw the grant within 5 working days and is communicated to the grantee in writing.

If the grantee refuses to return the grant (or part of it), the Foundation has the right to apply to the court for the compulsory collection from the grantee of the required amount or return of the equipment issued by the Foundation, or informs the prosecutor’s office about the theft of funds from the foreign Foundation.

2.14 Closing the Grant

The closure of the grant is carried out only after the grant recipient has fully fulfilled its obligations to implement the project, in the presence of financial and substantive final reporting approved by the Fund, after the grant recipient returns to the Fund the underutilized funds, if any, after resolving all issues related to the equipment purchased with the grant funds …

2.15 Fixed assets

The Foundation retains ownership of any equipment purchased with Grant funds during the term of this agreement.

Equipment and any other property purchased within the framework of the project must be used by the Grant Recipient solely for the purposes specified in the signed Grant Agreement and in the project application. If the Project cannot be implemented, then the equipment must be returned to the Foundation.

Upon completion of the project activity, if this is confirmed by the content of the Grant Recipient’s reports and the results of the Fund’s monitoring, the equipment for the Project and materials may be transferred to the Grant Recipient’s ownership.

Transfer of equipment to other organizations and individuals during the grant period, without the permission of the Fund, is prohibited.

The equipment purchased with the grant funds cannot be used to generate income in one form or another (including the sale of equipment) – during the period of the grant.

2.16 Individual Grants for Individuals

Individual grants may include, but are not limited to, the following categories:

  • teaching and research scholarships for students, experts, educators and scholars;
  • grants for specialists for the development of an analytical report or other similar product;
  • grants for persons of creative professions (artists, photographers, artists, etc.) to showcase projects in the field of their creative activity;
  • travel grants.
  • In the event that sub-grants are provided to individuals, by an organization that is a grant recipient of the Fund, it is necessary to ensure that appropriate procedures are in place.

2.17 Travel Grants

Individual travel grant requests are made through the online platform subject to the following general guidelines:

  • applications are accepted only from citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan, and stateless persons.
  • availability of official invitations to international events and events within the Republic of Tajikistan: presentations at events, participation in seminars, round tables, short-term trainings, etc.
  • the request must be submitted at least 45 days before the start of the event.

For the purpose of financing the travel grant, the Foundation does not support:

  • participation in events in the field of tourism and business;
  • business trips;
  • travel by private invitation;
  • trips to defend a thesis;
  • training;
  • participation in language courses.

The travel grant may include expenses related to transportation and accommodation only.

If the request for the application is approved by the Foundation, the applicant must:

  • , no later than ten working days before departure, confirm to the program coordinator the receipt of an entry visa, if required. The Foundation makes payments of the grant only after the grant recipient receives a visa;
  • redeem and provide economy class air tickets for subsequent refund.
  • in case of cancellation of the trip, inform the Fund about it as soon as possible and return tickets and / or received money;
  • within five days after returning from the trip, provide the program coordinator with a short meaningful report on the trip and publish information about the results of the trip on the personal page of the social network;
  • comply with all financial reporting requirements set by the Fund.

Travel Grants will close when the Grant Recipient has completed their financial reporting obligations and a meaningful trip report. Persons who have not submitted a report or have not complied with the requirements of financial reporting will be further denied in receiving grants from the Foundation.