Civil Society Scholar Awards 2021

Civil Society Scholar Awards 2021


The Civil Society Scholar Awards (CSSA) support doctoral students and university faculty to undertake academic projects that will enrich socially-engaged research and critical scholarship in their home country or region. 

In view of the global uncertainty created by the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus, this year we invite applications from PhD students and full-time faculty to undertake specific research clearly related to their primary field of study, or to focus on work which would allow the completion or publication of a dissertation or academic articles, books, or other academic products.


The Awards are open to the following academic populations: 

• PhD students of the social sciences and humanities studying at universities inside or outside of their home country; or

• Full-time faculty members in the social sciences and humanities (minimum of a Master's degree) teaching at universities in their home country.

The Civil Society Scholar Awards is provided for a number of countries, including Tajikistan.

Applicants with permanent resident status in or dual citizenship with Australia, Canada, countries of the European Union, New Zealand, Nordic countries, the United Kingdom, and the USA are not eligible to apply.

Subject Areas:

CSSA look to support academic research conducted within any field of the social sciences and humanities, but will prioritize research which specifically addresses pressing societal issues in the following broad themes: 

• Defense against rising authoritarianism;

• Sustainable development, climate action, and mitigating the effects of climate change;

• Economic justice and worker rights;

• Information democracy;

• Addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on an applicant’s home country or region.

Supported Grant Activities:

The Awards support short-term academic projects and dissertation completion taking place within your home country or abroad. Examples of eligible activities include:

• fieldwork (data collection);

• extended research visits to libraries, archives or universities within your home country or abroad;

• course/curriculum development which can be completed at an international location or online from your home country in collaboration with academic faculty based abroad;

• research leading to a peer-reviewed publication;

• dissertation completion for final year students only who are or will be writing their dissertations in their home country or abroad.

CSSA can only accept one application with one research project per person each year. Please note that CSSA no longer consider requests for tuition fee support.

Project Duration: Between 3 - 10 months.

Project Location: research activities can take place within an applicant’s home country or abroad. Applicants are responsible for arranging all travel, accommodation, and related travel permissions (visas).

Eligible Dates: March 1, 2021–December 31, 2021

Maximum Funding Request:  $15,000

Supporting Documentation.

The following documents are required from all applicants.

Please note that requirements for faculty applicants and doctoral student applicants differ. 

All Applicants:

Program Guidelines

1. Completed Application Form;

2. Up to date CV;

3. Copy of the identification pages of your passport(s);

4. Scan of current official graduate school tran (doctoral applicants) or the final tran of highest degree obtained (for faculty applicants and PhD student applicants in their first year of study); and

5. A letter of invitation from a faculty member or a senior administrator at the institution where your research will take place, if applicable to your project (scanned and attached to application).

Doctoral student applicants should also provide:

1. An official letter from your academic institution confirming your enrollment status, department, and expected completion date (scanned and attached to application);

2. A personal reference letter from an academic or professional in your field in your home country who can speak to your accomplishments, future aspirations, and ties to your home country (scanned and attached to application);

3. An academic reference letter from your academic supervisor supporting the research for which you seek funding.  Supervisors should also confirm if the activity will need IRB/ethics committee approval prior to the activity taking place (scanned and attached to application).

Faculty applicants should also provide:

1. An official letter from your institution of employment confirming your status as a faculty member and endorsing the proposed time away from your position (scanned and attached to application);

2. An academic reference letter from a senior colleague in your field with direct knowledge of your work and your proposed research topic (scanned and attached to application).

How to Apply Deadline for Applications:

July 22, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time Interested applicants must complete and submit a CSSA application. Online applications are strongly encouraged. 

Online Application 

All applicants are strongly encouraged to apply online. To apply online, please go to this link to register, and then follow instructions.

For more detailed information please consult our frequently asked questions at:

For more eligibility criteria of CSSA program please contact either or consult Educational Advising Center of Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation in Tajikistan: 

Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation-Tajikistan

Trade and Business Center "BOKHTAR"

37/1 Bokhtar Street, 4th floor, room # 404

phones: (+992) 372275558


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