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The Board








Mr. Almaz Saifutdinov

 Board Chair

Mr. Almaz Saifutdinov is the Economic/Commercial Specialist at the United States Embassy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.  In this capacity, he is responsible for promoting and protecting U.S. economic and commercial interests in the region. 

In December 2016, he became a Chairman of the Board of Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation in Tajikistan.  

Almaz founded Economic News Tajikistan - one of the most active Facebook groups in the country, which serves as the primary source of information, news, analytical reports and discussion platform.  As the Deputy Head of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development in Tajikistan, Almaz helped establish T-Cell, one of the first mobile operator companies in Tajikistan, and the Pamir Energy public-private partnership, which provides hydroelectric power to most of Tajikistan’s Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region and to bordering regions of Afghanistan. 

Mr. Saifutdinov holds a B.A. in English and French languages from Dushanbe State Pedagogical University, a Master’s Degree in Development Administration from Western Michigan University, USA.  He regularly publishes, under a pseudonym articles and comments on economic, and business issues.











Prof. Ramazon Nazarie

Board Member

Professor, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Dr. Nazariev is currently the Professor at the Tajik State Pedagogical University (TSPU) named after S. Aini. He is also the Liaison Officer of the Institute of Ismaili Studies, UK in Dushanbe, the researcher in the Institute of Philosophy, Political Sciences and Law, the Tajik Academy of Sciences and Member of the Dissertation Committee at the Tajik National University. Prof. Nazariev previously worked as the Arabic Translator for Soviet-Russian Companies in Libya (1983-1984), Yemen (1985-1989) and Syria (1994-1995), Yemen (1995-1995). He started his professional career in 1997, as a post–graduate student of TSPU and the Tajik Academy of Sciences where he defended his Kandidate nauki dissertation (2000) and then Doctoral dissertation (2011). His current research projects focus on philosophy of sciences, history of philosophy and social philosophy. He has authored and edited 3 monographies, co-edited 4 textbooks and over 75 articles on these topics in the related philosophy journals and proceedings. Prof. Nazariev has received grants from various funding agencies including the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (2006-2007 - Junior Faculty Development Program and 2013-2014 – Fulbright Program), RSS Open Society Support Foundation (2005, 2018-2019). He is appointed as the Head of Philosophy Department (2011-2013), received his Docent (2006), Professor (2013) and award of “A’lochii maorifi Tojikiston” of Tajik Ministry of Education and Sciences (2011), order “Peter the Great” of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (2016).











Ms. Gulnora Beknazarova

Board Member

Sociologist, member of the board of directors in Zerkalo-Group.

Ms. Beknazarova is a member of the gender-working group of the Women and Family Affairs Committee under the President of the Government of Tajikistan. Ms. Beknazarova previously worked as a Director of LLC “Z-analytics in Tajikistan. She started her professional career in 2008, as a Head of Research unit of the Sociological Research Centre “Zerkalo”. Ms. Beknazarova holds a B.A. from the Tajik National University in Dushanbe, a Master in Gender sociology from European Humanitarian University (2003) and PhD on Social philosophy from the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation (2007). Ms. Beknazarova is an author and co-author of the several publications on sociology.










Mrs. Malika Dodoeva

Board Member

Director of NGO “Javononi peshsaf” in Panjakent, Tajikistan.

Mrs. Malika Dodoeva previously worked as the teacher of mathematics. She started her professional career in 1985, as the teacher of Math at the secondary school. June 2000 to March 2005, the Chief of Jamoat Kolhozchien (current Loik Sherali) of Panjakent disctrict, Sughd Region.

Mrs. Malika Dodoeva founded NGO “Javononi peshsaf” in February 2014- one of the most active  public organization in Tajikistan which works on prevention of domestic violence and violent extremism.  Dodoeva Malika participated and had a speech  at the following international conferences:

23-28 June 2015, “Preventing violent extremism and terrorism” Istanbul, Turkey

29-30 June 2015, “Countering violent extremism”, Astana, Kazakhstan

28-30 September 2015, UN Summit “Countering violent extremism”, made a speech on the topic describing problem in Tajikistan and possible solutions to counter extremism a.

04-09 December 2015, “CVE International Research Conference” in Abu Dhabi.

 At the moment NGO “Javononi peshsaf” is implementing the project “domestic violence and violent extremism”  with support of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs U.S. Embassy, Dushanbe, Tajikistan










Mr. Rustam Gulov,

Board Member

Media Specialist/ Media-Trainer at Internews Network in Tajikistan. Mr. Gulov is a Founder and Admin of Blog platform – the first independent blog platform for Tajik bloggers in Tajikistan, and, focused on knowledge capacity building of journalists and bloggers on using new trends and new technologies media on online-journalism and blogging.

Rustam Gulov graduated from Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics and holds Advanced Program in Law and Economics Degree from the Riga Graduate School of Law (2015). Rustam has rich experience in human rights defense, monitoring of human rights observing, organizing trainings and workshops on human rights and interactive learning tool in human rights.

Rustam Gulov is committed to develop media sector in Tajikistan as a main tool of supporting free of speech and promotion of democracy










Mr. Umed Kalandarov

Board Member

Mr. Kalandarov has Bachelor and Master Degrees in Law. He graduated Law faculty of People’s Friendship University of Russian, Moscow in 2003. 

He has been working on ICNL’s legal enabling environment for civil society projects for over twelve years.  He has been ICNL’s Country Director in Tajikistan since 2011. Mr. Kalandarov has contributed to the analysis and drafting of several laws affecting civil society in Tajikistan, including the new Tax Code, the Law on the Ombudsman Institution, and amendments to the Law on Public Associations.

Umed has written a series of publications on different aspects of CSO Law in Tajikistan.










Dr. Gulnora Razykova,

Board Member

Dr Gulnora Razykova is a medical doctor, public health system specialist and a proven health administrator with over 20 years’ experience, including ten years in management of health and social sector projects. Currently implementing USAID funded Feed the Future Health and Nutrition Activity as DCOP.

Dr Gulnora has implemented a wide variety of health care-related projects both in the public and private sector in Tajikistan, including: System-wide health care reforms activities, at the primary health care level for TB, HIV and MCH; Health system development, including participation in design of the country’s action plan for implementation of the national health care strategy; Health resource management; Family medicine development and implementation; Introduction of evidence-based approaches to medical service delivery.

In 2004 Dr Razykova was instrumental in establishing first International private medical practice of Prospekt Dushanbe and has been the key driver in its development during almost 14 years.  Currently is a shareholder, manages and leads coordination of development, all client services as well as all negotiations with local government, non-government structures, international agencies and insurance companies.  Having experience in both (private and government) health systems Gulnora also has proven program management and coordination skills which include planning, budgeting, financial monitoring; results based management and human resource management.

Dr Gulnora received professional training in USA, Russia and Germany and started her carrier in international programs in 1996 joining United Nations, during her carrier has been working for UNDP, UN Drug Control Program, DFID, Projects funded by ADB, WB, USAID and others

Dr Gulnora has PhD in medical sciences (Moscow, Russia) and executive MBA diploma in Steinbeis University Berlin, Germany. Published more than 10 scientific articles in medical research field, including 2 monographs.

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