Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

Program Director – Dastambuev Nazarkhudo  nazarkhudo.dastambuev(at)osiaf.tj

Program coordinator –  Babeva Lola – lola.babaeva@osiaf.tj


The early childhood development program of the OSI – AF in Tajikistan implements initiatives to make quality education accessible for all children from an early age.

It enables the full development and unlocking the potential of a child with participation of family and society through educational programs.

The program works in close collaboration with Government entities, Ministry of Education and Sciences of the RT, representatives from the educational institututions at the national level, international organizations in order to successfully achieve the overall goals of the program in providing access to education for children in accordance with with national priorities and Government policy.

Program Goal:
Support the early development policy and ensure equal access to the quality educational programs from an early age as well as services based on the inclusive approach.
The program strategy is focused on:
• Assisting with development and expansion of the high-quality inclusive educational programs and technologies focused on individual development and unlocking child potential from an early age.
• Implementing the educational activity for capacity building and re-training the teaching staff to suppport, implement and expand the program’s initiatives.

Program’s priority:
• Developing and piloting sustainable models of quality inclusive education to benefit all children through organizing alternative models/forms in the pilot districts/education facilities («Learning through playing», international program Step by Step, «Child Development Center», and other).

The project activity based on priority of the Early Childhood Development program of the OSI – AF in Tajikistan is being implemented in close coopertion with the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the RT and other Government structures;

project applications for grant awarads are solicited only through the officially announced calls.

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