Education Support Program

Education Support Program

Director – Dastambuev Nazarkhudo – nazarkhudo.dastambuev(at)

Program Coordinator – Kabilova Gulchehra –


The main strategic focus of the program is assisting to improve the quality of education and learning results through developing the culture of education assessment and evaluation of the quality of education programs in Tajiksitan.

The activitiy is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the RT, Republican and regional professional development institutions for teachers, educational institutions, public and international organizations.

Priority: Developing the culture of education assessment in Tajikistan

Goal: Assist in developing and implementing programs for education assessment, monitoring and evaluation in the area of education as a tool for enhancing the quality of education and improving the learning process and results in Tajikistan.

Objectives in the framework of the priority:

  1. Increasing the awareness among the representatives of key structures in education system, teaching community, students, parents about the principles and practice of education assessment.
  2. Capacity building for teachers and administration of the professional development institute as well as pedagogical higher educational institutions to develop and implements modules on education assessment into the curriculum of the republican, city and regional Professional Development Institutes
  3. Establishing community of teachers for curriculum development for evaluation of education quality in the framework of the training and re-training courses for school teachers and pedagogical higher institutions.
  4. Technical support to National testing center for developing and introducing the written test in Tajik language (essay) into the Unified entry exam.
  5. Developing the mechanism and procedures on introducing the Open educational resources for increasing access to education through using information technology during the education process.

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