Human Rights

Human Rights

Program Director: Dilovar Munavvarov – dilovar.munavvarov(at)

Program Coordinator: Jovid Ibodov – jovid.ibodov(at)

The Law Program plans to support rights-based movements and Institutes in the area of protection of human rights as well as assist partners who are working towards preventing tortures in the Republic of Tajikistan


Support to rights-based movement in the RT.

 Strategic approach:

  • Protection of civic space and support social changes

The Law Program of the OSI-AF in Tajikistan has the following programmatic priroties:

Priority 1: Strengthening and development of the rights-based movement;


– Promoting legal/international norms of the legislation to reduce the risk of pressure on human rights advocates

– Monitoing and documenting of the situation with regard to protection/security in the region, particularly issues linked to discriminatiing laws and policies related to rights-based activities.

– Assistance with physical and psychological support;

– Information-digital security as an element of protection

– Enhancing the skills and capacity in advocacy at national and inernational levels

Priority 2: International obligations of the RT before the  UN Treaty bodies

 – Assistance to the Civil Society and Government of the RT in promoting effective mechanism for human rights protection in accordance with the internationally recognized standards of the UN Treaty bodies.

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