Access to Information and Service, Supporting Media

Access to Information and Service, Supporting Media

Program Director- Dilovar Munavvarov – dilovar.munavvarov(at)

Program Coordinator- Mavzuna Abdurahmanova– mavzuna.abdurakhmanova(at)


General information:

Access to Information Program is one of the key directions of work for the Institute of the Institute “Open Society” – Assistance Foundation in Tajikistan, aimed to strengthen the civic space for free and independent expression in the digital environment.

The program is intended to implement its strategic goals through the support of civil society and the media, in cooperation with public and private sector, as well as with international development institutions.

Strategic objective: Defending fundamental rights and the civic space in which they are expressed.

Strategic approach:

The program will contribute to the harmonization of policies on open access to public information and promotion of practical initiatives for the provision of proactive access to information.

Another major component of the program is to support educational activities to increase information and digital literacy of the civil society, human rights organizations, and media.

Also, the program plans to support a sustainable transformation of the media in the new digital formats of interaction with the audience.

The Access to information Program identified the following priorities to achieve its goal:

Priority 1: Freedom of information

  • To support for practical application of legislation in the provision of access to information to citizens and the media, which further affects the development of proactive mechanisms for providing access to information.
  • Promoting relevant changes in policies on access to information, through the facilitation of amendments to the laws of the Republic of Tajikistan to specify the public information and the open data.
  • Institutionalization of open licenses for the protection of intellectual property rights on the Internet;

Priority 2: Digital Rights

  • Creation of the School of the Digital Rights to improve digital literacy among the civil society, media and human rights activists to facilitate formation of advocacy group for the protection of digital rights.
  • Monitoring and analysis of online restrictions and other cases of violation of digital rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet, and provision of legal framework for the protection of personal data and to develop policies that improve access to information in Tajikistan.

Priority 3: Open Educational Resources

  • To promote initiatives for the development of policy and practices towards application of open educational resources in education process.
  • Development of teaching guidelines for the development of OERs in national language.

Priority 4: New Media

  • To support a sustainable transformation of the media to the new digital formats of interaction with the audience.
  • Translation and adaptation of training materials on digital media in the national language;
  • To facilitate institutionalization of training programs on digital media for journalists in educational institutions of Tajikistan.

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