Financial reporting

Financial reporting

Program Director  Dilovar Munavvarov –

Program Coordinator Manuchehr Kamoliddinov –

General Information:

The “Support to Public Finance Management Reforms in Tajikistan” (PFM) program is one of the most important and strategic priorities of the Branch Office of the International Organization of Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation in Tajikistan which is funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), the UK.

The program is implemented in close cooperation with the government agencies, NGOs, business entities, academic circles, civil society and international organizations.

The Program Goal:

To improve public service delivery by the Government of Tajikistan and foster greater civil participation and accountability.

Strategic Approach:

The program strategy is to assist the whole process of economic reforms in Tajikistan, ensuring highly qualified market relations, promoting the creation of sustainable and effective economic infrastructure in the country to improve the lives of citizens of the republic.

The “Support to Public Finance Management Reforms in Tajikistan” consists of the following program priorities:

Priority I. “Citizens’ Engagement in the Budget Process and Related Capacity Building”

  • Capacity building of civil society in the area of ​​PFM and monitoring of budget processes

Priority II. “Enhancing media understanding and coverage of PFM/budget issues and public services”

  • Increasing accountability of public services, which are expressed through improving public access to information and reporting financial and budget information via media

Priority III. “Support to independent analytical research and engaging academic community”

  • Capacity building of civil society (including independent and young analysts)
  • Increasing public awareness

Submission of project applications for participation in implementation of the main priorities of the “Support to Public Finance Management Reforms in Tajikistan” (PFM) program is conducted within officially announced open-calls.

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